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雪缘园胜负彩比分直播 www.476496.live     “So, do you have any questions for me?” Thiscommon refrain toward the close of a job interviewcan make even the best of us stammer when the tables are turned. But with the nationalunemployment rate over 8%, sharp interview skills are more important than ever.


  Most employers agree that, “No, I have no questions,” is the worst possible response. “The most frustrating thing for a recruiter is when you don’t have any questions at all,” saysrecruiter Abby Kohut of AbsolutelyAbby.com.

  很多招聘人員都同意“不了,我沒什么想問的”這樣的回答是他們認為最糟糕的回復?!岸雜詮鏡惱釁溉嗽崩此?,沒什么比應聘者毫無疑問更讓人沮喪的事情了?!盇bsolutely網站的招聘者,Abby Kohut說道。

  We asked professional recruiters to brief us on the top ten most common interviewquestions to scratch off our lists immediately.


  Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview


  1. Anything related to salary or benefits


  “Company benefits [and salary negotiations] don’t come into play until an offer has beenextended,” says Kohut. The same principle applies to sick time and vacation days. It’s best toavoid any question that sounds like you assume you already have the position–unless, ofcourse, your interviewer brings it up first.


  2. Questions that start with “why?”


  Why? It’s a matter of psychology. These kinds of questions put people on the defensive,says Kohut. She advises repositioning a question such as, “Why did the company lay off peoplelast year?” to a less confrontational, “I read about the layoffs you had. What’s your opinionon how the company is positioned for the future?”


  3. “Who is your competition?”


  This is a great example of a question that could either make you sound thoughtful … ortotally backfire and reveal that you did zero research about the company prior to theinterview, says Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter of CareerTrend.net. Before asking any question,determine whether it’s something you could have figured out yourself through a Googlesearch. If it is, a) don’t ask it and b) do that Google search before your interview!

  這個問題是把雙刃劍,它也許會讓你顯得考慮周全…也可能帶來出其不意的反效果,讓用人單位覺得你根本沒有事先做好對公司的研究、也絲毫不重視這次面試——來自CareerTrend網站的Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter說道。在問出任何一個問題前,請先自問:這個問題我能不能自己用google找到答案?如果能,那么,請1)千萬別問這個問題2)面試前先用google搜一搜!

  4. “How often do reviews occur?”


  Maybe you’re concerned about the company’s view of your performance, or maybe you’rejust curious, but nix any questions about the company’s review or self-appraisal policies. “Itmakes us think you’re concerned with how often negative feedback might be delivered,” saysKohut. Keep your confidence intact, and avoid the topic altogether–or at least until youreceive an offer.


  5. “May I arrive early or leave late as long as I get my hours in?”


  Even if you make it clear that you’re hoping for a flexible schedule to accommodate alegitimate concern such as picking up your kids from daycare, Barrett-Poindexter advisesagainst this question. “While work-life balance is a very popular concern right now, it’s not themost pressing consideration for a hiring decision-maker,” she says. “Insinuating early onthat you’re concerned about balancing your life may indicate to your employer that you aremore concerned about your needs and less concerned about the company’s.”


  6. “Can I work from home?”


  Unless it was implied in the initial job description, don’t bring it up. “Some companies willallow you to work from home on occasion once they see what a productive employee youare,” says Kohut. But an interview isn’t the time to be asking for special favors. Right nowyour top priority is selling them on you first.


  7. “Would you like to see my references?”


  “Interviewing is a lot like dating,” says Barrett-Poindexter. “It’s important to entice withyour value and attract them to call you for the next ‘date’.” Offering up your references toosoon may hint at desperation. Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of overusing yourreferences.


  8. How soon do you promote employees?


  “An individual asking this question may come off as arrogant and entitled,” says recruiterJosh Tolan of SparkHire.com.

  “提出這個問題的應試者,會給人一種傲慢和自視甚高的感覺?!盨parkHire網站的招聘人員Josh Tolan說道。

  9. Do I get my own office?


  This is an uncomfortable one, says Tolan. Of course you may wonder about it, but willsomething like this really play into whether you accept a career opportunity or not? If so, hesays, it may be time to rethink your priorities.


  10. Will you monitor my social networking profiles?


  While a valid concern in today’s culture, this is something best left unsaid. “It gives theimpression you have something to hide,” says Tolan. Play it safe and don’t post anything(especially disparaging things) about your company, co-workers or employers on Facebook,Twitter–or anywhere on the internet, really.


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